Frequently Asked Questions

Doxo creates a unique payment page for the utility provider that includes information which could lead customers to believe the utility provider is affiliated with doxo.  Doxo may add their own convenience fees and this has the tendency to frustrate unsuspecting customers and results in them questioning the utility provider.   Doxo uses search engine optimization tactics to display their website as an online payment option, potentially being shown before our online payment portal on search results. Although Union Rome Sewer and doxo are not affiliated with each other , doxo is a legitimate business that provides a centralized payment hub and some customers may choose to use them to manage their portfolio of online payments.


Maybe.  A septic tank works at a full level.  There are bacteria in the contents of your septic tank that keeps it working properly.  If it is pumped unnecessarily, those bacteria won’t have a chance to do their job.  But if you see a heavy crust on the top of your septic tank, then we will come and pump it out for you.  This is included as part of your monthly bill.  If you’re not sure whether it needs to be pumped or not, give us a call at 740-867-8700 ext. 102  and we will check it for you.  Again, this is included as part of your monthly bill.    

No, you need to contact a local sand and gravel vendor and have it filled in with sand.

Call our office at 740-867-8700 ext. 105 and make an appointment to meet with our System Auditor to verify that vacancy.

Yes.  Currently everyone pays a flat rate of $49.99 per month per 0 - 4500 gallons of water.  The only exception to that is a property that is vacant.  A property is charged $21.43 per month upon verification of vacancy.

Because the Ohio EPA mandated that Lawrence County build a treatment plant and collection system due to groundwater contamination.  The old septic tanks and drywells were failing and leaching raw sewage into the water table.  A new treatment plant and collection system went online in 1986.  Monthly rates were established to operate and maintain that new system.

No, your septic tank is connected to our main line instead of a leach field.

It’s the control panel for your grinder station.  If the red light is flashing, you need to call us so we can check it.  This is included in your monthly bill, there is no charge for this service.